Candiland Sensuals Flavored Warming Massage Gel Cotton Candy 4 Ounce

Candiland Sensuals Flavored Warming Massage Gel Cotton Candy 4 Ounce

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  • Product Sku: DJ-4230-02-3
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson Enterprises
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: October 10, 2014


Pleasure your favorite sweetheart with a deliciously erotic massage. Simply pour CANDiLAND SENSUALS Warming Massage Gel onto your lovers' erogenous zones and heat things up for a warm sugary treat! Heats up when massaged or blown on. Premium Glycerin-based Formula. Proudly Made in America.

- Sugar-Free
- Paraben-Free
- Body-Safe
- Vegan Friendly

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Product Reviews

A bit sticky

After giving my gf a massage for about ten minutes the stuff got a bit sticky. But when making love the sensation of our sticky, silky skin rubbing against each other was very erotic.

Anonymous - April 29 2015

Best ever

Girls have lots of creams, oils and gels for every single occasion, and i'm definitely one of them. Think of myself as a connoisseur in this department and have to say that this is the best one yet.

Anonymous - February 5 2015

Hot stuff

The girls love when i pore this massage gel on their tits and clits and then use my tongue and fingers to please them. One time the girl had an orgasm from it and then fell asleep on me... Bummer

Anonymous - February 5 2015

will definitely buy this again

Great combo for giving a short massage and then pore it over our private parts for delicious oral sex and intercourse action. The warming sensation is erotically enticing which makes for better and more long lasting sex

Anonymous - November 11 2014

Great stuff

My boyfriend loves for me to give him massages all the time. Since i'm in the bizz and do it all day long, i often turn him down. But after her bought this flavored warming massage gel, it really tugged at my heart so now i try to give him one at least twice a week. And when i'm done he pores it on my erogenous zones and returns the favor with a nice tongue and pussy drill

Anonymous - November 11 2014

fantastic combo

after getting this strawberry massage gel, my bf can't keeps his hands to himself... and i have to admit, neither can i. I love to put this on after a long, hot bath and masturbates myself to sleep with. It makes giving head much more fun and pleasurable too, cause my bf sometimes doesn't have the time to wash himself off before oral sex.

Anonymous - October 28 2014

The scent is a bit to strong

The flavor is outstanding, but the scent is a bit to strong for my taste, almost gave me a headache, which is the last thing i want from a massage gel. Went on smooth and the warming sensation was really nice though. I have problems with those scent dispensers you plug into the wall too, i guess i have an extra sensitive nose

Anonymous - October 27 2014

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